Friday, July 22, 2011

Potty Training Time!

So it's time to start potty training D. This is so difficult but needed. She shows interest in the potty so I'm hoping she's ready. She is my first potty trainee, I am kind of excited, C unfortunately is still not trained not sure he ever will, since I see no interest from him. But anyways, so we started out the normal potty training way : sit her on it every couple hours but then she started to hate it, I think it was more of asserting her independence, why should I tell her when to sit on the potty? (makes sense) then I couldnt even get her to put her but down for 2 sec. and its not that she didnt like being in the bathroom, far from it. Most days I cant keep her away from brushing her teeth and washing her hands. But sitting on the potty seems to be on of the worst things for her. Then I discovered stickers!! Oh my how my daughter loves to peel them off and stick them onto another sheet. So I taped up some paper on the wall next to her potty and now I get 5 min. of potty time while she decorates paper. yay! Except for the fact she wont do any of her business on there!! I just dont know how to explain to her to pee, she gets poop but she wont tell me when she's going #2 yet. and I'm just hoping we will get some random occurance of #1 during our sticker art sessions. I think I'll start saving her pages of stickers. Anyone know how many stickers it takes to get a 2 yr old potty trained?? --- I found the following on pinterest.. one day she will go potty.. I hope!!!

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