Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday's .....

Today was a fabulous Saturday, apart from missing hub who was at the office. I was able to work on getting creative with the kids. I always remember back in the day when I was  a kid, my mom would always plan all these crafts for us to do; paper mache, collages, painting, etc. Our house was full of paint, construction paper. I love it! Well, as a mother, I have had a hard time getting into it.

In theory Arts & Crafts sounds fun and fabulous. Classic mommy stuff. But when your dealing with my oldest, he LOVES to make messes and eat ANYTHING. Not good for me. Stresses me out. and I have to get over that. I do. So I did! Today I made a whole  bunch of edible playdoh/slimy doughy mess!! It turned out to be so much fun! I covered C's wheelchair in an old sheet and he went to town! Mostly eating it, and D thought it was funny but she didnt want to really squish it, but when I put down a whole pile of flour she had no problem making a mess with that! It was so fun and cute! Then I took some of it and made patty's that I squished the kids hands in to make ornaments for grandparents. I cant wait for more fun stuff!

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