Monday, November 7, 2011


I normally like mondays, it's when my oldest goes to school and i just have the two girls during the day. But today I am dragging so much, the coffee's not working, my toddler was up until 1am which felt like 2 because of the time change, mr. C got sick in the middle of the night so I had to clean him up and his bed luckily he went back to sleep and woke up fine for school. Baby is still teething which feels like has been going on 10 yrs! And today I still need to clean up Mr. C's bedroom, the playroom, make some appts, and sweep the floor in between keeping the girls out of trouble and hopefully keeping them from screaming their heads off all day over various things. So this monday is in no way a good day, but I am now playing catch with Ms. D whether I like it or not as I just got a soccerball to my head while she was yelling  'CATCH' her new favorite word!!

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