Monday, June 18, 2012

Copy-Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables DVD review & giveaway

I was asked to review this kids healthy eating DVD with my little ones and write a review. I was actually pretty excited since this is my first review and its with something I could include my kids on. 

Healthy eating is definitely a priority in this house and I'm lucky all 3 kids love their fruits and vegetables.  BUT they still get picky!! Some days Daniella will only want to eat Yogurt ALL DAY LONG. So I was hoping this would broaden her horizon a bit. The other two still just eat what I give them, so far. 

So I put the DVD in and Daniella loves movies so she was excited we got a new one in the mail, we sat down together, I had Chance with us and Isabella was napping. I liked that you can pick and choose which food segments you want to watch first and they are short segments so its kind of interactive. I let Daniella pick, so we watched the Avacado and she loved it, both Daniella and Chance were laughing and giggling along with the kids in the video! Then we watched a couple more and she asked to eat, so we went to the kitchen and found some of the same things they showed in the video and she sat down and we watched it all again while she snacked on Broccolli Avocado, Bell Pepper.

I would reccomend this dvd for anyone that wants a cute fun video for their kids to be introduced to some new fruit & veggies and make it fun and exciting to try! 

Enter below for your chance to win a copy!!

More information on the Copy-Kids company and DVD's::

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