Friday, June 8, 2012

First days of summer vacation

Day ONE::

Chance is off school now! For the next 3 months I need to keep him busy 24/7. Today we didnt do anything special I'm sure he thinks its the weekend he spent most of the day watching movies in his room. So I've been scouring pinterest for tons of ideas, most of them messy, so that means lots of baths around here.

Isabella is still almost walking , Chance is almost walking and Daniella is always looking for opportunities of mischief. In fact Daniella sprained her ankle 3 days ago pretending to be a dog around the house!

Maybe I will be able to have some big project fun with the kids.

But I've made it my goal to just get through the day. Yeah big goals for summer 2012.

Day TWO::

We spent today at the BEACH! I should clarify before we get too far, my 3yr old Daniella is convinced our boxes of sand are the beach :) Easy to get there ... just outside the front door!! Now my 7yr old with his sensory issues doesnt really play in the beach, mostly because he will eat it, but Today I ventured to keep them busy first we had an all out Dance Party in the living room after breakfast throwing around all our big bouncy balls, but then Chance shortly got annoyed -- by my Dancing I'm sure! So we went outside for a little gardening and beach time!!! I figured I'd give him just enough to feel it on his hands but not enough to just chow down on chunks of sand... and it worked!! Daniella made sandcastles and Chance played in the sand on his wheelchair tray!! Now its bath time then lunch then movies until Speech Therapy... I can handle days like this NO PROBLEM!!! :D


  1. the neighborhood pools helped me so much when my kids were little....they would play in the baby pool with the water toys and I would sit and talk to my girlfriends..a life saver..then the kids would come home and take a nap.. a beautiful thing!!
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    good luck!

    1. yep my kids LOVE the pool! Thanks for the follow! Already followed back :)

  2. Hi There!
    We spend most of our summer at the pool. My son loves it and it helps to burn off some energy. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you back from What's cooking in the burbs. Have a great weekend!

  3. Sounds like your summer is off to a good start! Good to have lots of ideas when they get bored. My youngest is still in school for another week so I'm not quite in summer mode yet. I can't wait!

  4. Good Luck on summer vacation! We are trying to find ways to occupy our time. Thank you for becoming a follower of my site! I look forward to reading your posts. (Something to Call My Own).

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    The beach is ALWAYS a great way to start the summer off!

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  6. LOVE Summer Vacation :) I just posted a fun edible finger painting activity I did with my son for those boring, gloomy days!

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