Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July! Independence Day!

I love this holiday!! Such fun memories playing with friends, BBQ's, fireworks, carnivals, good times! Love all the new memories we will be making with our kids on this day. However this year will not be as exciting, temperatures are pretty high today and our little ones do not care for loud noises even if it creates beauty in the sky. I'll be doing some fun crafts with the kids indoors today, along with just relaxing and hopefully catch some fireworks in the sky from our front porch tonight. As the kids get older I hope to instill the same patriotic feelings I get on this holiday, to remember everything this country has been through to get to this point. How in no way are we a perfect nation but a pretty darn good one, I am so proud to call home! I'll leave you with my favorite patriotic song from my childhood and will hopefully post some blogs over the next few days of all the crafty fun we've been having!

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