Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to school!

So my oldest is in bed all ready for the first day of school tomorrow. As a mom to a special needs kid, its a bittersweet day every year. I'm sure all parents feel this way no matter the abilities of their kids. But I am anxious.

 Anxious the teacher will understand his non-verbal communication, that everyone will treat him with the dignity and respect he deserves. That his neuro-typical peers see him as a peer and not just some kid who can't talk in a wheelchair. That the staff treat him as if he were their own. I have so many fears relating to him at school, especially considering all the stories you see in the news about teachers and school staff abusing non-verbal children. And my son has no way of telling me if something is wrong. It scares me to my core, to be honest.

But it is also amazing, it gives him the opportunity to be with his friends, to learn how to be a friend. He will get to experience new things, meet new people, learn new concepts. He is such a problem solver when its something that interests him, this I think will help him learn. It's hard to say what he actually absorbs from school since he cannot verbally express what he knows. But in my heart I feel he is learning along with his neuro-typical peers, just maybe not in the same way as them. This is a hard concept sometimes for the school to grasp that he is able to learn the same things as his general education peers. They have no way to test him and prove it because he cannot always control his fine and gross motor movements to show them.

But despite that I will continue to push for him to be fully included as much as he can handle due to his sensory overload. He loves school so much, his teacher, the routine, all the other kids. Last year his year ended so well and he has the same teacher and aides so I'm sure this year will just be a great continuation.

Time for me to sleep as its time for me to get back in to routine and hope for the best. <3

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  1. Going back to school is very stressful! My oldest started 1st grade over a month ago and the first week is always nerve racking :) I saw your post on MBC and following you on GFC now. I look forward to your future posts :)